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10 Top Digital Marketing Tools to Swear By In 2019

Given that every business is a tech business these days, marketers all around the world are flocking to the next-generation digital sphere. It promises them a competitive advantage, higher sales, increased leads, a broader audience, and the versatility to operate the business from anywhere and anytime.


Now that digital marketing is gaining recognition among the traditional marketers, an average marketer uses as much as 12 tools, the number of which can increase up to 31 as per the requirements of each digital marketer. While a myriad of digital marketing tools is steamrolling the market, the use of right tools for your online business campaign can bolster your business.


But why is every business using these digital marketing tools? These tools have the ability to transform a traditional business into one dwelling in today’s cyber sphere. These are not only cost-effective but also reserve the power to manage a major chunk of your business growth and marketing tactics.

So, here are some of the broad-scope digital marketing tools that are going to let you automate your marketing strategy. Experiment with these and figure out what works best for you!

Google Trends

You’re a digital marketer who NEEDS to know what’s trending in your industry and what your competitors are up to. Google Trends make the task easier for you. Type in the trend you’re looking for and select the target region.

It allows you to notice the popularity and interest in the search term with reference to time. It lets you compare trends overtime and deliver you insights surrounding your marketing strategies.

Regardless of your level of experience in digital marketing, Google Trends is the foolproof tool to gain knowledge of your audience’s interest and the pace of your competitors. However, using it in tandem with relative tools won’t lead you to a blunt end.

Google Ads

Advertising is the main means of reaching your target audience and generating business revenue. A usual business might rely on its website and social media, but placing your ad on the mainstream web increases your reach to a multifold extent.

Google Ads is one such digital marketing platform that introduces your ads on a local and international level. Whether you prefer text, banner, Gmail or app ads, you can set your own advertising budget and promote your business through various means. Most of all, it smartly clears your way to reach the right customers at the right time.


Canva is your online design shop where you get to create impressive visuals for your blogs, social media posts, banners, presentations, and the list goes on. This easy-to-use tool lets you create beautiful designs and documents for astounding graphics.


Digital marketers can use this tool to engage their audience by delivering quality content. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the field, you can play around with different features. Though limited, you can also use a free version. To access the premium features, you need to purchase your desired plan.


Did you ever wish for a digital marketing tool that you could use to automate your marketing strategies? MailChimp is a powerful marketing tool developed mainly to help small business explore their marketing goals to the max.


Apart from sending regular interactive emails, MailChimp guarantees to provide you with a multitude of features, such as design, business automation, and optimization, and so on. FYI, you can also share your content with over 300 apps to concrete your marketing approach.  


Having troubles with auditing your digital business? Let SEMrush take care of everything. It’s great for the optimization of your online approach. Simply put, it’s a versatile marketing tool for marketers by marketers.

From delivering analytical reports to keyword research, it provides other tools to evaluate keyword difficulty, charts, reports, comparisons, and so on. Depending on how far you want your business to go, it also specializes in keeping the track of your social media activity, measure the traffic, analyze your content, and track your position to name a few.


Yet another exclusive marketing tool, Hubspot’s inbound marketing software is everything you need to launch a powerful campaign.


Using it leverages you the following advantages: you can polish your content, create a content strategy, project it to your prospective audience, design specific calls-to-action to appeal your customers’ senses, turn leads into customers, and track your customers.

Google Analytics

Catering specifically to the businesses that need to understand their customers, Google Analytics helps you analyze your data in one place.

Here, you can evaluate the performance of your site and the actions of your audience to get the most of your data. Also, when used in integration with Google’s advertising and publisher, you can use the insights to reach the right audience.


You probably realize the power of influence on the digital realm, don’t you? Mainly a research and monitoring tool, Buzzsumo allows fluid sharing of your content across multiple social media channels and find key influencers for content promotion.

It delivers a variety of solutions for complete marketing online, such as product tour, content discovery, brand monitoring, influencer marketing, content insights, and competitor research and a lot more. Once you use it, you’ll realize how well it identifies your content type and connects you to prospects for business growth and development.


If you’re interested in engaging your audience on the social media sites, Mavsocial is the social media management platform you need to go for.

It isn’t just cost-effective; it’s also the best when it comes to scheduling and managing your social media presence.


From the house of the SEO Guru, Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is your go-to tool to generate keyword ideas for your marketing strategy and content production. It allows you to gain insights about the workable strategies that are working for others so you can adopt them to gain the edge.

Discover where your competitors stand via organic keyword/phrase search and optimize for better ranking of your site.


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