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5 Helpful Tips To Boost Social Shares Of WordPress Websites

An increasing number of people are looking to convert PSD to WordPress theme or migrate from other formats. These people have been influenced by the positive experience of the users of the popular CMS. Such users must also know about the ways to boost social shares of WordPress websites. An interface cannot work in isolation and its reach can be expanded by harnessing the power of social media. This will give more exposure to the business and improve its conversion rate. Social sharing also helps in increasing user engagement and improving brand awareness. The following suggestions must be used by WordPress users to increase social shares of their interface’s content.

1. Include Prominently Visible Sharing Options

One of the best ways to increase social shares is by providing visitors with a convenient facility to do so. All website owners must ask developers to insert social sharing buttons on their interfaces. There are numerous WordPress plugins that can be used for this purpose. It will be pertinent to conduct research to find out which networks are most popular among the target audience. Then buttons of such channels must be placed at prominent locations on all the key pages. This will encourage visitors to share the content on their accounts.

2. Implement The Feature Of Social-Enabled Logins

Social logins are a good way to integrate an interface with social networks. People can use their existing accounts on channels like Facebook, Google+ etc. to log in to websites. This will also give access to useful visitor data like demographic details and email IDs. Most people, especially mobile users are constantly logged in to their accounts and can easily register with an interface. Business owners must implement this feature on their websites to increase social shares.

3. Provide Metadata To Optimize Shared Content  

Merely sharing content on social media is not enough. It must be ensured that the posted material is displayed in the best possible manner. Adding metadata to post and pages helps in this purpose. WordPress users can employ SEO plugins to enter valuable metadata to optimize their interface’s depiction on social platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn use the OpenGraph protocol enabling users to define title, description, public URL, image, and type for pages. This simple practice has the potential to significantly boost social shares of WordPress websites.

4. Invest In Creating Sharable Content

All the sharing features will be rendered ineffective in case the website does not have sharable content. Invest in creating interesting and informative content that people want to read. Use analytics tools and conduct surveys to find the topics that your target audience is interested in. Study these topics and create informative content on them. In case, you are unable to write such content, engage professional writers for composing unique and detailed articles on relevant subjects. Remember people like to forward posts which educate them or entertain them. Visually support the text matter by including related images, charts or infographics.

5. Upload Posts When Visitors Are Most Active

You can improve your social sharing figures by modifying the schedule of your fresh content. Use analytics to find out the times of the day when the target audience is most active. Make sure that all new posts are uploaded at these times so that more people view them. This will improve the chances of the new material being forwarded by readers to their followers. The ideal time to publish a new post also varies from one social network to the other. Find out the behavior pattern of your target audience to devise a suitable program for uploading fresh material.


It is important for businesses to have a strategy to boost social shares of WordPress websites. The recommendations mentioned in this article will help them in improving social shares and boosting user engagement.


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