6 Best Solo Travel Destinations in the USA

Traveling alone is one of the best feelings an enthusiastic traveler could experience in life. When you need not worry about a fellow traveler or company, you have all the time to explore new lands, culture and communities. To pick the best solo travel destinations in USA would not be quite difficult for you as there are plenty of places suitable for a solo traveler in the US. However, to help you not miss the best of those places, we have come up with an encouraging and useful list of solo travel destinations in the USA.

New York City

As the travel legends say, if you can make it to NYC, you can be at anyplace you desire. This popular quip is best applicable to solo travelers in New York City. NY is busy and loud, but has got that thing essential to make your trip an everlasting memory in your travel diary. Be it strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset or just reading your favorite book underneath a tree in Central Park, every single things adds up to a lovely memory. You will enjoy exploring the vast halls in the Metropolitan Museum and being in your own company while sipping a glass of cocktail under the stars. Now you know there’s a reason why New York is the best city to travel alone in the US.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In the south, no other city is more welcoming and interesting as New Orleans. It is a delightful exploration of the museums, churches, streets and the several shops lined across the French Quarter. Quirky that it is, you will love the street musicians as you take a relaxing walk towards the Mississippi River from French Street. You might not understand it until you experience it that New Orleans is one of the best places to travel alone in the USA. Try out those Jazz clubs at night and go crazy with the crawfish or gumbo in the town.     

San Francisco, California

Undoubtedly, considered among the most picturesque cities in the West Coast, San Francisco is the international favorite of all. It is not only the sights and tourist spots in the city but the energetic and positive people that make it special altogether. You will soak in the bay views, misty mornings and hills all around as if you are transported to some movie setting. You can go on a solo outing in Golden Gate Park, dine in Chinatown, see the Japanese Tea Garden and walk down the streets interacting with the locals. The transportation within the city is convenient with the affordable buses, cable cars, etc. We know what you are waiting to read about San Francisco. Yes, you will get to see the historic Golden Gate Bridge Shot as you head towards Marin Headlands.

Austin, Texas

Travelling USA solo and not visiting Austin is just not done! It is not just a place perfect for solo travelers but also gives one a positive vibe that makes it desirable for tourists reaching from all across the world. The urban and vibrant environment all around will help you navigate the city all alone. Follow Google Maps and reach whichever place you want. If you do not want to spend much on accommodation in hotels, Austin is a good option for you. Hostel cultures is still prevailing and in fact proliferating in the area. Moreover, you get to do a lot of things, no matter you are a music, art or food love, Austin has something for everyone.

Washington, D.C

Talking about solo travel in USA and missing out the capital? Well, that would be sinful. Washington D.C. is one of the safest places to travel alone in the USA. To every savvy traveler reading this, you will love the downtown area – the galleries, museums and gardens. Enjoy ice skating, hit the bars for drinks and go exploring the exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution. Remember, Washington is the political capital so getting into a stimulating conversation with a stranger is not actually strange. You will get a handful of almost everything in the city. From dazzling nightlife to scintillating history, Washington has got all for solo travelers.          

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s urban charm and scenic beauty makes it an ideal place for solo female travel in USA. You will find plenty of museums to explore, amazing restaurants to dine in and beautiful parks to take a walk. When in Atlanta, a stop at Mary Mac’s Tea house is a must. The southern hospitality it offers to the guests is way beyond a compliment. It provides a happening night life where you can burn all your calories by dancing on the Jazz and hip-hop beats. We would recommend you staying in Midtown for its super safety and accessibility from every corner of the city.

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