Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is autism

Autism is a condition in which the brain of a child is not developed properly. Autism cannot communicate mentally and socially with others and that becomes a barrier in interaction with the outside world for him. In this, disorder limited and repetitive patterns come in behavior.
Autism did mental facial expressions, gestures (body language) like flapping hand and blurred sound in loud voice. They do not make any or clear eye contact and ignore to make eye contact with a familiar or unfamiliar person.
Autism Spectrum Disorder

The terms “spectrum” in autism spectrum disorder refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity of mental condition are generally found in 2 to 6-year-old children.

How to identified

The people which affected by autism spectrum disorder are often difficulty in communication with other people. They have difficulty expressing their necessity and does not express what they want and want to say.

Some people in the autism spectrum never spoke and cannot communicate in the pure form of language.somewhere the person is missed their word suddenly stop to speak does not remember what he wants to say while which topic he was talking.

Like, people who do repetitive mistake in speaking and have difficulty reading appropriate grammar and vocabulary and cannot construct meaningful sentences is suffered from autism disorder.

People suffered from autism may be difficult to understand because them feelings and emotions are difficult to understand because of they behavior different than others.

Autism has difficulty in starting conversations with people or speaking in language development may be delayed.

Any child suffered from autism does not make any eye contact with anyone or lack eye contact and speak the blurred language or delayed language skills and does gesturing (body language) or does facial expressions or unfamiliar reaction comes in behavior.

How to identified


In early, research has found that the autism spectrum disorder has no single known reason.there may be a different reason given complexity to disorder fact that symptoms have found in people are another in people’s. There are many reasons behind autism. As like hereditary, development, surrounding, caring and learning play as a major role.

Hereditary:-There are several hereditary reasons appear involved in autism spectrum disorder. Like, in some children autism spectrum disorder associated with hereditary effect in division of meiosis or mitosis.

Development:-lack of proper brain development or brain cells communicate or does not develop it may cause of disorder in the child. Some brain cells do not fully develop may seem to be a reason for a disorder.

Surrounding:- In some, research has found that the surrounding factors affect the person which may lead to the birth of disorder in people.
Mind pain:- mind pain is another factor found in research that mind sudden mind headache or pain in children may birth of disorder.
Change in behavior:-This are exploring facts that if the children is not behaving is checked as compared to other children’s and also women care of fetus in pregnancy period that has not any have harm to the fetus.


In early, research has found that there is no medical test other than childhood Asperger’s syndrome test (CAST) which was developed by autism research center at the University of Cambridge, UK England. For measuring the severity of autism spectrum symptoms in children. This test only did in the children at age of 2 to 3 is preferred.

childhood Asperger's syndrome test

This test does not available for, If adults have concerned about the possibility to see the symptoms of autism in them they should go to a mental health professional. An accurate diagnosis can only be made through clinically which have authority for treatment for mental, treatment is divided into two is childhood and other is adultery.

Basically, if symptoms caught in childhood then there a chance for better treatment and chance of treatment become 90% possible.

Effect Of Disorder

There may be many effects of this syndrome in life is that problem in social interactions with the people and cannot communicate or shared something which he wants also cannot explain their views in society and community. The unfamiliar behavior can lead to miscommunication and has a deep impact on the life of autism.

The problem arises early in childhood time they cannot play with other children and the behavior of children is not understanding by autism child, there is a gap of development in the skill of children has arisen from his childhood period.

Another problem arises when children go to school and cannot communicate successfully with other children’s. Learning and a communication gap developed in children and in the study cannot give his best and problem in understanding.

There is also an important problem comes that is employment problem inability in speak influentially and cannot live upon his terms and condition and independently that bring the social isolation in society and community and the person lives in the stressful life and become dependent on the family.

This type of person becomes victimization and bullied in society. So, autism person needs more care and confidence.


There is no remedy to overcome autism spectrum disorder but there are treatment options which are only helpful in the childhood period. As, early treatment and caring is most helpful and may be improved in behavior, skills, and focus on language development.

However, caring and loving is the best treatment for autism victim at any age will prove as a blessing.

Though the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder symptoms show in children early age then give them the right treatment may be a good future for him.

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