When you are thinking of buying a TV set then there are so many questions that cross your mind. The price range is one major aspect which will make you compromise on features. But when it comes to buying something which is under$2000 then you will not be disappointed. There are hardly any of these 4K TV that will not come under the price range. A few of them which you really wish to add to your list but are not able to yet will be in your range just around the festive season. Check the Walmart coupons to ensure that a few of them which you were eyeing on are in the category or not. There is no dearth to the number of options but the buyers are advised to pick nothing but the best and in order to do so here are the top rated gled TV sets under $2000. 

There is a huge range of TV sets with 55 inch size to that up to 75 inch. The buyers have a huge choice which shows that picking one might be tricky. It is best that the buyers do not get overwhelmed by the sheer number and picks something that is just about suitable for their needs. This could be a tough choice and here are some handpicked quality products to help the choice. 

Best TV under $2000: 


This one is an excellent choice when it comes to TV viewing experience. This one comes with remarkable picture quality. There is emissive OLED technology which is used that allow it to show perfect uniform blacks as it can block individual pixels. It comes with a huge color Gamut which allows the HDR content to look amazing with rich, saturated colors and highlights that stand out. There is an excellent handling of reflection and when the viewers check the same from the corner the images does not distort and remains intact. This one is at par with most of the competition with low input lag and high response time which is a feature every gamer appreciates. 

Samsung QN55Q8FN

If the burn-in risk ever crosses your mind then here is a TV set that will make all those worry vanish. This one is one of the best TV under the $2000 category. It comes with a great picture viewing experience and even in a dark room you will be delighted to catch on your favorite TV show or movie. The picture quality of this one is excellent which means that you are not disappointed and the higher adjustments allow the TV to be equally suitable in a bright room. This one comes with Low input interpolation and one thing which makes it highly suitable os the gaming feature which includes the Freesync and auto low latency.

Sony XBR65X900F

The 65inch TV is a great choice for TV viewing experience. This one come with great picture quality and has deep blacks which are amazing for dark rooms. This does not mean that your bright rooms will compromise on the viewing experience. The TV comes with setting which can get extremely bright and also has a wide range of color gamut. This X900F is all suitable to show vivid colors and saturated array along with bright highlights while displaying the HDR content. Whenever there is a fast moving content there is just a small blur trail which goes unnoticed in most cases. There is a low input lag which is great for most gamers. There is an excellent 24p Judder removal and the TV is equipped with amazing motion interpolation. This is a TV that pleases most viewers butone thing which is not great about this one is the side viewing which might be a little compromising for large rooms. 

Samsung UN75NU8000

The viewers often get attracted to large screen size and if you are one of them then this 75 inch TV set is all set for you. This one comes with good picture quality and has deep blacks along with a huge native contrast ratio. This one come with high response time and there is just a small blur trail which is slightly visible in a fast moving content. There is, however, a great gaming TV as there is low input lag and it also has huge support from FreeSync with amazing refresh rate. It is a great choice which does not burn a whole in the pocket. Buyers can pick this one for smaller rooms and where there is limited gathering to enjoy the TV programs as the side viewing might not be far up the quality as described by others.

TCL 6-Series

This one comes with a huge number of desirable features which makes it a great pick. This one has a suitable OS and with the price it is not something that should be missed. There re about 96 lightning zones and a huge array of the dimming display. There are full HDR 10 and dolby vision support along with 4 HDMI slots. It is a great choice for gamers as there are outstanding response times. This one is a great choice for movies, TV and sports. There are also supporting streaming services which is good for all TV viewers. This one could get a little messed up against harsh lights and thus the placing should be strategic rest everything is just n place with the rest of the overly expensive sets that one deals with in the market.

Buying a television set is a great deal and thus a thorough research is what is required. Choosing a television set which is all suited for all the needs might be a stressful choice. The buyers should list down the needs they have and then look at the options which will help them narrow down the choices. The price range under $2000 with great quality products here is a great deal and the buyers should not miss on this opportunity. You can even check the individual reviews for the ones that you list down so you know that you are picking something relevant. 


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