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Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls

Two of the most important and tough things that you can do to help your website grow to increase the number of social signals and increase the site engagement statistics. All digital marketers know that using poll makers to create a poll on your website is one of the finest ways to increase site engagement. Today, the internet has only a few truly useful and intuitive poll maker tools that can help you create your own poll within a few minutes. Let’s quickly go through the science behind the popularity of polling mechanisms for boosting engagement on a website.

Why Are Polls So Popular?

Here are the top 4 reasons why polls attract so much attention.

They Look Simple

Polls are pretty simple and straightforward. They usually have a single question/statement followed by two to five different options.

They are Easy-to-Use

Unlike other engagement tools, polls require minimal interaction to reap the results. The users usually don’t need to type anything. In fact, the most popular polls are the ones with the minimum number of options and a simple point-click interface.

They Offer Real-Time Information

You can reveal the results of the poll in two different ways. You have the option do that in real-time, or you can wait for the poll to end and reveal the results at the end.

They Are Easy to Create

Online poll maker tools help you create your own polls very easily. The most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a polling feature built into their status interfaces.

What Can You Use Polls For?

You can use the polls to increase the engagement on your website in the following ways.

Generate Leads: A simple yes/no poll to a subscription to your newsletter is one great way to generate leads. People who visit your website frequently might want to get your content in their inboxes. You can ask them to subscribe to your newsletters in a poll. Once a prospect clicks on ‘Yes’ for the participation, you know you have a hot lead that is ready for conversion.

Capture Feedback: You can use polls to capture the feedback of your existing customers/readers. Monitoring a small poll regularly will help you retain customers for a longer period by identifying their likes/dislikes precisely. Some of the biggest companies on the planet like Wendy’s and Burger King use polls to identify their customers’ purchase-instincts.

Launch a Competition: If your primary focus is just to increase the website interaction, you can launch a competition. Some popular competition themes like Marvel vs DC, Engineering vs Commerce, Science vs God, often get a lot of attention.

Market Research: Most big companies use polls to conduct market research. Before launching a new product, they can gauge the requirements of the market and act accordingly. Companies can easily save thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars on focus group studies by launching massive internet polls.

6 Handy Tips on Creating Your Own Polls Using a Poll Maker


Poll Maker

Now that we know that polls are popular and important, let’s study a few tips in which you can create your own attractive poll using a poll maker easily.

1. Keep It Short
Post a short one-line question instead of an entire paragraph. Long posts often go unnoticed due to the small attention span of social media users.

2. Offer Limited Options
Do not overwhelm your audience with a lot of options. Instead, keep it simple and offer only 2 to 3 options. If you have more options, host multiple polls in sequence.

3. Offer Incentives
Offer incentives for people to participate in a poll. If you host a product/service, offer them a discount coupon for the purchase of the same.

4. Post the Poll at a Specific Time
Post the poll online at peak hours to get the maximum attention. Posting it during odd hours will not reap the desired results.

5. Showcase Immediate Results
You can choose to showcase immediate results to keep the most exciting. You can also hold the results off till the end. Experiment to find out what your audience likes.

6. Keep Them Interesting
Keep your polls interesting. You might want to hire a professional content developer to create content that will attract more audience.

Do not forget to respond to the poll results and showcase that you truly care about your customers’ opinions. A recent survey shows that 79% of consumers want brands to showcase how they care about the customers. Creating a poll using an online poll maker is super easy and fun. You can set parameters such as the poll host time, result showcase duration, etc. with the click of a few buttons. By choosing the right poll maker you can get the maximum number of customizable options.

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