Cross-Browser Testing

Importance Of Cross-Browser Testing: Some Free Tools To Test Your Website’s Performance

The purpose behind cross-browser testing is to compare the various designs and functionalities of websites or web applications across different browsing platforms. It helps the site owners to make sure that their apps and web pages will exhibit a consistent performance in front of their visitors. As the market is flooded with a wide range […]



When you are thinking of buying a TV set then there are so many questions that cross your mind. The price range is one major aspect which will make you compromise on features. But when it comes to buying something which is under$2000 then you will not be disappointed. There are hardly any of these […]

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How to Leverage Pinterest for Traffic and Sales

Are you looking to expand your social media marketing efforts this year? Well, if so, consider starting with Pinterest . Like any other social media platforms, Pinterest enables you to reach more customers. This is especially true if you have great and impeccable visuals that attract to a wide following. With nearly 200 million users […]