4 Customer Service Communication Mistakes that hamper the Brand Image

4 Customer Service Communication Mistakes that hamper the Brand Image

“Success isn’t about being the best. It’s about always getting better.”

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every company wants to become the best.

Business objectives can be achieved if you keep trying to do better. Nowadays, BPO outsourcing companies have become the prime choice of the business owners. This is so because BPO organizations have the ability to provide unsurpassable support service.

As far as the business reputation is concerned, it is paramount to ensure that better customer service is delivered. This factor is extremely important because every small mistake committed during the customer service interaction makes a negative impact on the company’s brand image.

BPO companies always provide top-notch training so that agents don’t make any blunder while interacting with the customers. Unintentionally, support agents sometimes make mistakes that not only bring the CSAT down but also raise questions on the business’s credibility.    

Today, we are going to reveal the top 4 customer service communication mistakes that often ruin the brand image of the business. So, take a gander at the following pointers:

  1. Not listening closely
    The most cited mistake that support agents often commit during the customer service interaction is ignoring the interaction from the patrons. When the agent doesn’t provide appropriate attention to the customers’ issue, the chances of rendering lousy service level become extremely high. Owing to this, the poor CSAT score becomes inevitable, which, in turn, affects the business’s reputation.
    The main reason why support agents don’t listen properly is that they often get the idea about the issues after listening to customers’ initial words. Owing to the intention to provide satisfactory resolutions promptly, agents start interrupting customers during the interaction. As a negative consequence, customers becomes agitated and irritated due to this behavior.  Thus, BPO outsourcing companies see a drop in the CX levels.
    Therefore, it is suggested to support service reps to put more focus on listening to customers’ queries. This would also help to lift the FCR rate. Thinking how? Well, if agents listen to customers properly, the former could come to know about the real cause of problems, which consequently, leads to the deliverance of appropriate resolutions.
  2. Not possessing the proper knowledge
    As far as support service interactions are concerned, customers always want to be assisted by polite and proficient agents. However, when agents don’t have the basic knowledge about the products or services, customers face extremely bad service experience. As a result, the negative reviews increases dreastically.
    Industry reports have also revealed that 84% of customers get frustrated when agents try to assist without having proper knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable for BPO outsourcing companies to enhance the quality of training so that agents could serve better to customers during the interaction.
    To leave nothing to chance, BPO firms should check the reliability of both CRM and IVR system on the regular basis.
  3. Using complex vocabulary
    Whenever customers make a contact with the company, they expect clear communication with support service reps. However, agents sometimes use ambiguous language with customers during the support service interaction. This makes customers confused and hence affects the CX levels and also increases the average handle time.
    This is so because customers ask more questions when they fail to understand the technical terms.
    Now, the question that could strike to the mind is ‘Why do support agents use complex vocabulary.’ Here, we would like to reveal that agents often think that they can impress customers by using new jargons. However, this tactic never pays off.
    Henceforth, it is highly recommended to keep the things simple during the customer service communication as that’s the best way to secure the brand image.
  4. Taking a defensive attitude
    Generally, support agents get defensive when customers start criticizing the quality of products or services. Because of agents’ defensive attitude, customers get furious, which consequently, makes the whole situation more complicated. Even, the customer attrition rate gets increased owing to agents’ defensive behavior.
    That’s why support agents are often advised to stay calm and professional while assisting customers. Apart from securing the CSAT score, this helps to buttress the business’s brand image.

Here are a few suggestions that customer service reps should take into the consideration so as to ensure a meaningful dialogue:

  • Make apologies on the behalf of the company for the inconvenience that customers had faced because of the bad quality of products or services.
  • Invite customers to share their issues.
  • Assure that the best possible solution will be delivered before putting the customer on hold.
  • End the conversation on a positive note once the customer confirms that there are no other issues that are left to be dealt with.

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