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Detailed Guide about Men’s Shaving

Shaving is an essential part for most of the men. Some shave daily while others do it with a gap of 2 – 3 days.

It is important to know the details of shaving in order to ensure a quick and smooth shave. Noe many men may think that they have been shaving for a long time now and they know everything about shaving. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

There are several things that you may not know. And after getting to know these things, you can shave that masculine beard of yours more easily and faster.

So here, we have divided shaving into two different types. One is having using a razor and other is shaving using and a foil or rotary shaver.

First we’ll talk about shaving using a razor. Because it is the mostly followed way of shaving. Men use razor more than they use electric shavers.

Shaving using a Razor

Before talking about how to shave with a razor, it’s pretty obvious that you will be needing a good razor and a shaving cream / foam etc. Make sure you don’t go for a cheap razor, it can cut your skin. Oh and you also need to get a proper brush for applying the shaving cream. Now towards the steps of shaving using a razor.

1.Hydrate You Face

Before you take out your razor and apply the shaving cream, make sure you face is hydrated. You can use a soap or face wash, anything that will remove oil and dirt in order to cleans you skin. This is important because it makes sure that you are safe from cuts and the process is smooth. If you start shaving with an oily face there is a good chance that you’ll feel all the roughness.


2.Apply the Shaving Cream / Foam

Now is the time when you apply the cream onto your face. Make sure to reach all corners where the facial here is. Shaving brush is most suitable to be used here, instead of using your fingers. This is because a brush is more effective in terms of hydrating your hair and removing all the roughness. Make sure you move your brush in circular motions, so that all hair is reached out no matter which side they are bent towards.


3.Make Sure Your Blades are Sharp

Before taking out your razor and starting shaving make sure the blades are good enough to use. If you have a used your razor too many times and the stripes on either sides are almost gone then it’s not a good idea to use it.


4.Don’t Push too Hard

Now while shaving do not press the razor too hard against the face. If you are using a good razor like any razor from Gillette, it will fit itself to the contours of your face. Pushing too hard can result in severe cuts and you don’t want those cuts.


5.Shaving on Both Sides

It’s a myth. Some people say only shave in the direction of the grain, others say do it against the grain. Let’s make it clear. It doesn’t matter, you can shave both ways. Facial hair is not always in the same direction. Some hair is upwards and some is downwards. Shave as you like, with or against the grain is not an issue at all.


6.Must use an Aftershave

You must use a moisturizer or an aftershave in the end. This soothes you skin and hydrates it. Also any chances of pimples etc. are gone. Besides, these aftershaves are antiseptic so if you have put any cuts on your skin while shaving you don’t need to worry about them.


Shaving using an Electric Shaver

Electric Shavers have been a thing for a long time now and many people use them. They replace traditional razors because of faster results and no mess of using cream and foam etc.

They make shaving process simple and quicker. Let’s see how you can get better result with an electric shaver.

1.Choose your Shaver

First and foremost you need to choose the best shaver. You won’t get any good results if your shaver is not a good one. The blades should be sharp, handling the shaver should be easy and last but not the least you should know if it’s a wet/dry shaver or only a dry shaver. Because if a shaver is not compatible with wet shaving, you should never use it with a cream/foam. It will just stop working.

2.Wash You Face

Before you start shaving make sure you wash your face so that all the dirt and oil is taken out. By doing so your shaver will be more effective.

3.Moving the Shaver

Now comes the part of putting the shaver onto you face and shave your facial hair. But how do you do it. The best practice is to rotate the shaver in circular movements if you are using a rotary shaver and if you are using a foil shaver then you need to move it back and forth.


4.Cleaning the Shaver

A shaver must be kept clean. So make sure you remove all the hair stuck inside after you are done. There are shavers which are 100% waterproof and can be washed after use.


That’s all about men’s shaving. Hope it covers what you were looking for.

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