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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Beautiful White Countertops Pristine

The moment you buy a new house, people think of magnifying the beauty and aesthetics of your cooking zone. The market today, thus witnesses a rise in the insurgency of countertops of different types and sophistication. Amongst all, the white marble worktops are the ones that are preferred the most. Here we shall be focusing on how to maintain the shine of our marble kitchen countertop pristine.

What efforts do you need to take to maintain the allure and shine of your white marble worktop?

Your work doesn’t end at the selection and installation of white countertops. It is essential yet mandatory for you to take post-installation measures to curb the odds out of damaging your white countertop.

Preventive Measures:

It is always better to start ahead with the precautionary measures rather than winding up with the curative ones. Follow the preventive measures religiously to exhibit a correctly installed white countertop that stays energetic for decades.

Coating and sealing are the most critical processes:

If you are willing to protect your white countertop from stains and other forms of mechanical damages, you need to implement this method of coating and sealing. Coating and sealing of your white marble countertop should be executed by a professional who is proficient enough with the entire process.


The next important thing that owes its worth is the protecting your marble countertop. You need to be very cautious with the handling of hot utensils to prevent those mechanical damages that may occur on your white marble worktop. In addition to the use of hot appliances, you need to be cautious with the use of glass or plates while you place those on your kitchen worktop. Instead, you can make the best use of coasters, tea towels or your kitchen mats to put your utensils on your countertops.

Try to avoid the unnecessary spills:

In the event when you are cooking, you need to be aware to prevent the food spills. For avoiding foods spills, make the best use of a protective film or sheet to cover the region underneath your cooking horizons. The reason behind applying this preventive measure is that in case your acidic food spills over the top surface of your countertop, it may react with your marble worktop to cause irreversible change.

Cleaning of your white marble worktops:

While you are thinking about maintaining the level of your worktop cleanliness, you need to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. It is your responsibility to keep a safe distance from your marble countertop from the use of bleach, citrus, acids, and other chemicals such as vinegar, or ammonia. These are highly reactive chemicals, and their use may contribute towards damaging your marble worktop.

Polishing marble worktops on a frequent basis shall impart them a new and altogether a clean attire. Marble polish aids in filling up the small nicks and etching which are associated with the use of acids or other forms of mechanical wear and tear.

You need to maintain their cleanliness by mixing mild dishwashing soap with an ample amount of water. Later, you wipe it out with the use of a sponge or other cloth made out of soft fabric.

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