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How to Leverage Pinterest for Traffic and Sales

Are you looking to expand your social media marketing efforts this year? Well, if so, consider starting with Pinterest . Like any other social media platforms, Pinterest enables you to reach more customers. This is especially true if you have great and impeccable visuals that attract to a wide following.

With nearly 200 million users and approximately 14 million pinned articles daily, you should take advantage of this site to boost your traffic and sales. Despite the endless number of brands joining this platform, not all know how to use it wisely. This is why understanding the tips and tricks of Pinterest is a sure way of success.

That said, consider the following crucial tips you can implement to create a marketing strategy for Pinterest to boost the traffic and sales of your online store.


  • Take advantage of Pinterest Group Boards


Group boards are where users with similar interests pin content and images of common topics. Group boards with huge followings can give your brand tremendous exposure, a recipe for increased traffic and resultant sales. As a brand, you can try the following tips to drive traffic through Pinterest group boards.


  • Participate in other Pinterest group boards


Group boards can be created at any time. However, if you are new to Pinterest marketing, consider joining pre-existing group boards. This will bring instant traffic and additional primary exposure. Whereas this can yield unexpectedly positive results, note that you should be a credible contributor as well to the group board. It is through this that your brand will be noticed.

For starters, begin by identifying group boards that are within your niche. Join them and try to build a relationship with the host brand and other pinners within the group. Prove yourself as a valuable contributor, especially on highly populated group boards. Once you capture the attention of the admin, introduce yourself through their personal profile and actively interact on several matters and repins.


  • Create your own Pinterest Group Board


Having your own group board gives you an upper hand in doing many things. For instance, you can add contributors as much as you want and gives you clear access to the group’s analytics. Making your own group board is as simple as follows;

  • Log in to your Pinterest account
  • Click on the plus sign – that creates a new board
  • Fill in keywords of the group names keenly for better visibility for search results
  • Draft a brief description highlighting the board about and goals
  • Include the rules for users that will guide users in the group
  • Add usernames and emails of users interested in your board

How to use Group Boards to drive traffic to your website

Whether you have your own group board or an active participant in another brand’s board, you should utilize them to boost traffic and sales. Well, if you are asking how below are some tips to do it like a pro.

Sneak your articles into pins – as the phrase “sneak in” suggest, these articles shouldn’t appear as self-promotional. For instance, if you usually pin up to 20 images daily, having one or two from your online store is acceptable.

Pin quality and valuable images – if you are a collaborator in another brand’s group board with a huge following, it is expected that you add pins pointing to authoritative sites within your niche. Pinterest’s Popular Function is a tool that helps you find what’s trending in your niche. Repining is the other strategy that works for those who don’t have time to create new content. Simply repin interesting pins popular in your niche.

Make your pins clickable to boost referral traffic – high-quality images with moderate saturation will obviously attract more clicks. According to Pinterest analytics, images with approximately 50 percent saturation attract four times more repins compared to those with 100 percent saturation. That said Pinterest advice on using high-resolution and professional quality images.

Pin taller images for better clicks – in line with the tip mentioned above, it has been proven that taller images receive more clicks and repins. You might be having your own style that suits your brand and style, but the ideal Pinterest best image size is 735 X 1102 pixels.

Give your Pinterest group board more exposure – you can take your Pinterest marketing for more traffic and sales to the next level by taking your group board activities outside Pinterest. The main aim of doing this is to help you get more followers and ultimate exposure of the group board to increase clicks and traffic.

The best way to achieve this is by using a blog roundup. With this, you can fix one of the days in your editorial calendar and post a roundup of activities happening in your group board. Always include and highlight links to most clicked and repined articles. Whereas this strategy may not result in an immediate traffic boost, it helps create a dedicated Pinterest community, and more traffic as time goes by.


  • Use Rich Pins


As the names suggest, rich pins are pins with extra information. This allows online owners to add more information about their products on the images. They provide a chance for consumers to learn on real-time pricing, availability and other features. This makes it convenient for potential customers to buy items. Rather than clicking to multiple websites, customers find individual product descriptions and takes the guesswork off your buyer’s product research.

Rich pins improve your products CTR and discoverability of pins. The other benefit of using rich pins is that it offers price notifications. For instance, if you reduce the price of a product, prospects who had repined the product image will receive an immediate email notifying them of the price drop, prompting them to make a purchase.


  • Tell a story


For traffic and sales, storytelling is essential. Telling stories to engage customers in conversations that spark interests and develop new concepts. Customers want to know how your products will help them and need to be told in a fun manner. A good example is Lowe Pinterest board, one that is dedicated to gardening tips. Members receive immediate content and direct links that help them get home improvement products.


  • Pin Smarter


Quality over quantity is a rule of thumb when it comes to Pinterest. For the sake of consistency, volume matters a lot. Pin new products weekly, engage with prospects frequently and keep everything fresh. You should also be well versed with the type of images that work best on Pinterest. When shooting pictures for your product pages, ensure that you make them highly repinnable.

Some tips to make your images Pinterest worthy include;

  • Keep images anonymous – Pinterest analytics indicate that pictures without faces get 23 percent more repins compared to those with faces.
  • Use wise colors – multiple colored pins receive repins 3.25 more than those dominated by one color. Similarly, red images work better than blue.
  • Image size – though mentioned above, remember to post product pictures of optimal size.

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  • Run Promotions and Contests


Everyone likes being engaged in a promotion or a contest. Both are a great way to boost engagement. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to the stipulated Pinterest contest guidelines, as certain types are not permitted. If done well within the platform’s parameters, contests are a great way to drive traffic and sales to your e-commerce site.


  • Leverage Influencer Power


Partnering with influencers and influential bloggers give your products a lot of clout on social media. Inviting guest pinners to your board is a sure way to get your brand to new audiences. Influencers charge some fee for this, but you can negotiate and use your products in exchange. When doing this, carefully choose Pinterest influencers within your niche.

Tools that Help Generate Pinterest Traffic and Sales

Coming after the social platform network giant Facebook, Pinterest is among the highest referral and lead generation platform. To leverage Pinterest fully for immense traffic and enhanced sales, some essential tools will make your work easy. Some of the best Pinterest tools include;

  • Tailwind – this tool enables brands to schedule pins and analyze their Pinterest performance over time. Tailwind’s dashboard provides an overview of your brand’s performance for previous weeks highlighting the number of repins, followers and domain pins received. You can also easily track the engagement rates based on repins received.
  • Pinalerts – this tool enables you to get notified when someone pins any content from your website. It is a handy tool that enables brands to monitor content people pinned from their website, competitors website or e-commerce store. Such insight enables you to discover popular content and gain new followers.
  • Loop88 – this tool helps brands connect with Pinterest influencers enabling them to grow their following.
  • Canva – you must be fairly well conversant with this tool. It is an awesome picture-editing tool that comes with predesigned templates specifically designed for Pinterest. Images are optimized at 2:3 aspect ratio, one that is perfect for pinning. It comes with several stunning layouts making it easy for non-designers to design awesome pins to complement their websites and e-commerce store.
  • Pinvolve – apart from Pinterest, as a brand you obviously have Facebook accounts to help market your products. The best way to cross promote your Pinterest and Facebook content is using Pinvolve. Note that Facebook remains the largest social media channel with terrific referral traffic and immense content marketing.


Pinterest, being a visual platform, is changing how brands market, gain traffic and sales. As a Pinterest user, consider the tips mentioned above to gain terrific traffic, which ultimately converts to sales. Of importance is that you should consider tracking your metrics. It is easy to tell the number of followers you have and pins generated. However, if you are looking to increase traffic and sales, use Google analytics to track your metrics.

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