Zoom or Reverse Flash

The Flash Season 5 – Debuts For Villain & Hero

The Flash Season 5 - Debuts For Villain & Hero

Well, everyone’s favorite speedster is back and the new season of the Flash is going to hit you right in the feels. If you are already thinking to avoid this season because of the same stuff where the timeline and the entire theoretical aspect that you would expect in the comics is messed up, then don’t! In what the trailer has to offer, not only are we getting a new villain for Barry to run circles around, but also a new supporting character – another speedster.

And don’t worry; it isn’t Zoom or Reverse Flash. However, before the two are revealed, it’s always better for you’ll to watch the new The Flash season 5 trailer that will give you all the right reasons to watch. Starting off with the new Speedster…

Zoom or Reverse Flash

It’s a girl! And that is usually what some of you expect to hear when you attend a gender reveal party and hope your guess is right. Nevertheless, this is also related to Barry Allen. That’s because season 5’s new speedster comes from the Allen bloodline. Barry doesn’t need to have a gender reveal party when he and Iris West have a baby. He just has to run into the future and find out himself. Or, he could have the future come to him.

She is Nora West-Allen. The actress playing the character of Nora Allen is Jessica Parker Kennedy and it’s confirmed that she is the direct spawn of Barry Allen and Iris West, nearly 30 years down the line. And where the origins are concerned, the show producers have given her a slightly different backstory than the one in DC Comics, which was very much expected. This makes it less complicated to understand her history and since she is a superhero, Nora has an alter ego title that is quite synonymous in DC Comics – XS.

She is one of the famous Speedsters to debut in the television series and only time will tell if her appearance can maintain the ratings or even improve it. Nora makes her way to the Flash team on a number of occasions, making it easier for them to move forward with the plot.

The questions are, how will Kid Flash and XS work together or who will have the biggest game-changing involvement in the team.

There are few spoilers ahead! So once again, watch the trailer, guys.

As mentioned above, the show even gets its seasonal villain. And he is one of the toughest villains that the Scarlet Speedster has faced in a few comic publications. He goes by the name of Cicada, who is portrayed by Chris Klein.

gain infinite immortality and he firmly believes

Cicada, as we expect, is one of the immortal members in the comics and is hundreds of years old. His mission to gain infinite immortality and he firmly believes that The Flash is the ideal guy to help him. With Speedsters using their quick feet and strength as their weapons, Cicada has lightning daggers, which is shown in the trailer.

Cicada comes to the unexpected rescue of Gridlock

Cicada comes to the unexpected rescue of Gridlock. Gridlock became a very big threat to Central City when Barry was trying his best to defeat him. After being defeated and captured, Gridlock was being transferred to Iron Heights Penitentiary and that’s when we see his departure being interrupted by the big guy. He truly looks like a century-old man with a weird and dark outfit and gauntlets that are bandaged up and worn out. Nevertheless, the way he hijacks the mission really shows that he isn’t a villain that can be taken lightly by Team Flash.

After laying waste to the police officers, he unlocks the door and sees Gridlock in the van and tells him that he wants all of them to die. It may not be as epic as you would expect from the main villain of the season, but it did make his intentions very clear to Gridlock and all the viewers. He isn’t here to work with anyone but lay waste to even the bad guys. By doing that, he definitely sets a statement for the team that he wants their undivided attention.

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