Tips to dressing up your little champs

Tips to dressing up your little champs

During pregnancy, we worry about preparing the baby’s basket. Now that the months have passed, we realize that buying new clothes has become an imperative. But what materials are best suited for our child’s delicate skin? Not all are equal and neither is the comfort they provide to the child. The baby’s clothes will have to be, above all, baggy in a way that allows him to move freely. One of the keys when choosing baby clothes is their composition. Mothercare Pakistan offers the most comfortable garments made with soft and 100% natural materials which must be the stars in our son’s wardrobe. So in underwear, the softness of cotton, for example, will be the most advisable if we want to avoid annoying rashes and irritations.

Choose your baby’s clothes: comfortable and happy from head to toe

These are the best features of your baby’s clothes
Mothercare provides best and comfortable online baby clothes in Pakistan. Here are some tips for choosing baby clothes

Conformability is the Key

The baby’s clothes should be comfortable and loose, to allow him to move easily. It is recommended to use garments made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool or natural mixtures) so that the skin transpires and the moisture evaporates.
This prevents the appearance of irritations and allergies. With regard to wool clothing, avoid the use of clothes with hair since the baby can suck it.
It is advisable to buy bodysuits, shirts and open sweaters that do not have to be introduced by the head. Avoid the use of dresses with small buttons, ribbons, bows or safety pins, as you can swallow or get tangled with them.


Good Quality is a must

The clothes that will be in direct contact with the skin of our baby will have to have a natural composition and be of good quality. Only then can we be completely sure that no rashes or allergies will appear


Socks and footwear

Majority of moms covers their kids from head to toe, however, the baby should get dressed according to the weather. A number of decorative footwear is available online but elegance and good looks do not necessarily have to be at odds with quality and manageability.


Beanies or hats

Try not to expose your baby from the sun but if you go out, protect your baby’s head with a soft hat with a wide brim. So the sun doesn’t directly hit the delicate baby eyes. On the other hand, use soft, woolen and warm caps which covers the tiny baby ears in winter.


The Washing Habits

Before releasing clothes, wash them with a neutral soap for delicate items and rinse well. Avoid the use of bleach or softener. Remember that it is not necessary to shelter the baby excessively. Your baby usually has cold hands and feet, due to the immaturity of the peripheral circulatory system, but this does not mean that it is cold.
So, enjoy hassle-free shopping from Mothercare Pakistan which offers online shopping for kids apparel by assuring best quality at the best price.

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