Top 5 Refrigerators in India you can Afford on No Cost EMI

Top 5 Refrigerators in India you can Afford on No Cost EMI

There are a number of good refrigerator brands in India and all of them have their own USPs. Having a fridge at home is no longer a matter of luxury, it is a very essential appliance and one should buy a fridge that suits the family requirement in terms of the capacity of the food stored and also the kind of food mostly cooked and stored. The best Haier refrigerators can be bought through your trusted dealer at your preferred store or even online. The best thing about them is that one can buy refrigerators at no cost EMIs as well and that would make it possible for anyone to have a fridge of their choice, without having to worry constantly about the huge sum that has to be paid in a lump sum.

  1. Samsung Single Door Fridge at in 200 liters range: It is one of the best fridges in the market right now and it is under Rs 20,000, which is the usually budget of everyone who are looking for a fridge. The fridge has all the basics in place and those who want a 5 star rated fridge that is sleek and stylish, will definitely want to try this one out. The inverter compressor reduces noise considerably and makes it energy efficient. It is also solar power compatible. However, since it is direct cool model, it also needs manual defrosting.
  2. Haier 320 liters Bottom Mount Freezer: This freezer is great for those who want the refrigerator at the top and the freezer at the bottom. In most regular households, the freezer is less used in comparison to the refrigerator and hence one has to bend down a lot to retrieve the most basic items. The bottom freezer reduces this to a considerable amount and the 3 star rating also makes it quite energy efficient. Being at 320 liters it is quite spacious and can hold enough quantity for a large family. Haier fridge reviews by users who have already used this model have always been great.
  3. LG GL 260 liters Double Door Fridge: For a regular household with a need for regular capacity fridge, this is one of the best options in the market today. It has great value for money and keeps food fresh for a really long time. There are special features like the Multi Air Flow System and the Ice beam door which ensures that all corners of the fridge are uniformly cool. This best LG fridge also has the option to regular temperature according to the weather and with the help of Auto Smart Connect, one can also connect it directly to solar power.
  4. Bosch Side by Side refrigerator in 661 liters: This is one of the largest fridges in the market today and it is great for those who use their refrigerator and their freezer in equal capacity. The fridge has been rated A++ by the European Energy Efficiency Standards and the VariInverter Compressor is one of the best in the market. The body is made in stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant. The Super Freezing technology prevents the pre- frozen food from defrosting and keeps them fresh for longer.
  5. Godrej RD Edge Pro: Godrej has always been associated with their refrigerators and they can be said to be the pioneers of bringing the new age fridge to the middle class household. Almost all their refrigerators are highly rated and this one is particular is known to provide great value for money. The fridge is energy efficient and also comes at a comfortable price point, making it a good first time buy for a small family on a budget.

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