What's the Best, Exercise at the Gym or Home Exercise?

What’s the Best, Exercise at the Gym or Home Exercise?

Decide Whether You Should do your Exercise at Home or at the Gym.

One of the most important decisions is to decide where you are going to exercise. You need to make this decision right at the beginning of your new exercise program. Are you going to do exercise at home, or go out to the gym or health center? This article will help you decide so you can get on with the life changing efforts of losing those extra pounds.

What's the Best, Exercise at the Gym or Home Exercise?

So even before you decide where you are going to exercise, you have to decide what kind of exercise you are going to be doing. Because if you want to do exercises that include big expensive equipment or facilities, than you’re stuck with the fitness center or gym. But if you want to do exercises that involve less expensive equipment, you can choose either place. If you exercise at home you will be able to save a lot of money. You don’t have to pay membership fees, and you will be saving on transportation costs. Also you will be saving time. Not only that, but you will be saving on more a expensive exercise wardrobe because you won’t be so concerned what you look like as you exercise in the privacy of your home.

But before you count all the money you’ll be saving, better look at the home costs: If you need exercise machines, such as a treadmill, or elliptical trainer, it could become expensive. You won’t be able to use the machines at the gym, and even runners or walkers need seasonal exercise clothing and special shoes. And not only that, what if you need to remodel a special room to exercise in and store your exercise equipment, it could be a sizable investment.

But besides the costs, there is another good reason many beginners choose home based exercise, and that is the privacy issue. Many people feel uncomfortable working out in the public because they think other people will judge them in their frumpy out-of-shape bodies and clothing as well as their awkward and uncomfortable beginner’s efforts. They think they would rather start their efforts at home until they get more in shape.

There are, however, a number of good reasons to do your workouts at a spa or fitness center. Of course the main one is you get to use a lot of expensive equipment at no extra charge. You can also avail yourself of the trainers at the spa who can give you excellent advice. Another reason to go to the gym is because of the motivation you will get from working out with other people. It helps having others around that are doing the same thing you are, tying to get fit. Plus these others can help by giving advise and encouragement. And once you get to know them, you will be motivated to show up and join them because you know they are expecting you.

However, if you decide to workout at home you can still get others to give you some motivation by joining with a friend to exercise together. When you know your exercise buddy is expecting you to join them, you will be motivated to get there even if you don’t feel like it. So you don’t get motivation from others just at the fitness center.

Oh, talking about motivation, when you sign a membership contract and plunk down your money, you will be motivated to do something to get your money’s worth from the deal. Now that’s motivation!

So decide which will work best for you to encourage you to do your exercise workouts. You can always change later. In fact you can often use a trial membership at the fitness center to try different types of exercise machines and workouts to see what works for you, or get a friend to get you in on a guest pass. Find something you like, check the costs of getting the same sort of equipment for your home. Then decide. Don’t keep putting off the decision though, get your butt in gear and get going!

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