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11 Romantic Gift Ideas for your Wife

Sometimes you need to make an effort to show your love to your partner and tell them that you appreciate their love and presence in your life. Quite sure, you must have heard, “happy wife means a happy life.” The gift of time and consideration are irreplaceable but sometimes you need to pamper your beautiful partner with something elaborate. Sending a bouquet of flowers through a service of midnight flower delivery in Gurgaon is adorable but don’t limit such gestures to special occasions.

Take a cue from the following romantic gift ideas and pamper your wife to spread a cute smile on her beautiful face:

1. Jewellery: Haven’t you heard, “Diamond is a girl’s best friend?” Get your beautiful wife a stunning pair of diamond stud earrings or a cute little heart-shaped pendant that superbly complements the elegant beauty of your beloved wife. A grand romantic gesture from time to time isn’t a bad thing, you know.  

2. Romantic getaway: Often due to our busy schedule we forget to spend some quality time with our loved one but life is short and you shouldn’t prioritize the worldly things over your special relationships. Surprise your beau with a romantic weekend getaway in the mountains and spend some cosy quality time away from the din of the city life in Gurgaon. You can book a romantic resort or a simple cottage to spend some quality time together.

3. Handbag: Gift your fashion enthusiast wife a nice designer purse or a chic handbag that complements her personality well. There are very few things as romantic as knowing the things your beloved adores; find out if she has her eyes on a particular handbag or brand for some time now. Gift your sweetheart a handbag from her favourite brand and you will see how happy she becomes on receiving it.

4. A bouquet of red roses:  Is there anything more romantic than giving a bouquet of red roses to your better half? You don’t need specific occasions to celebrate the presence of your beloved in your life. Surprise your dear wife with a bouquet of gorgeous roses when they least expect it through a service of midnight flower delivery in Gurgaon. Choose two dozen of gorgeous red roses for a visual and romantic detail.

5. Aromatherapy Massage Oil: Pamper your wife by giving her aromatherapy massage oil. Help her relax by giving her a sensual body massage. The sweet fragrance of the massage oil will set the mood for a romantic night perfectly. To keep things interesting you can take turns to massage each other with the goodness of the rich essence of the oil.

6. Classic perfume: Did you know that smell is tied to human emotions? Women love to smell good and men love how their women smell so great all the time. Gift your gorgeous wife a bottle of classic perfume and pamper her as well as your senses. Pick one from her favourite label of fragrance that she can wear every day.

7. Fitbit fitness tracker: Is your Mrs a fitness buff? Say no more! A Fitbit fitness tracker cum smartwatch is the gift you need to pick for your fit beau. Make her workout sessions more fun and special by giving her this gift. There is nothing more romantic than being concerned about the health of your beloved. Not only will it help her track her heart rate, steps and pace but will also enable her to track routes and distance with the help of the inbuilt GPRS. Pick a water-resistant and light-weight model to allow more wear and tear.

8. Couple’s Spa: Book a romantic couple spa for the weekend and pamper your Mrs and yourself. An everyday struggle at home and workplace not only takes a toll on our health but also tires our mind. Gift your wife a couple’s spa voucher and let her take a breather that will not just help you and your wife relax but will also refresh your body and mind. Gift your wife the break she deserves through a great spa therapy and become the best husband in the entire world instantly.

9. Sultry chemise:  If you have been married for a while, gift your wife a sultry chemise and revive the romantic honeymoon phase of your marriage. It is also a perfect gift for your wife if you have just got married. You can pick  something in a lacy design with floral details, in comfortable fabric and sexy colours. It will be a perfect romantic gift that both of you can enjoy. Now don’t be shy; go and pick a sexy chemise and surprise your wife with it.

10. Chocolate Truffles: Have you forgotten that chocolates are considered to be an aphrodisiac food? Surprise your wife out of the blue by giving them a box of delicious chocolate Truffles; don’t forget to pick them in cute heart shapes. Only a handful of people would find chocolates bland and unromantic; a box of chocolate truffles in crunchy and nutty flavour will not only make your wife happy but will also lead the way to a more romantic time.

11. Sexy high heels: Most women love high heels and we all know how men adore women in high heels. If your Mrs loves to trot in high heels, gift her a sexy pair of high heels that goes well with her elegant personality. Pick a stunning pair of pumps, stilettoes or peep-toes in classic black or bold shades that match the vibe of her personality and can be worn with almost anything. If she loves heels, she will love you more for getting a sexy pair for her.  



Sending doorstep flowers through midnight flower delivery in Gurgaon for birthday and anniversary is undoubtedly a great way to surprise your wife but try something out of the box and surprise her on a normal day. Celebrate the woman you love every day and appreciate the little things she does through your kindness and concern.

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